Listen to Bourn Ultra’s lastest offering “Skull Throne Inheritor” Below.
Out Now, available in digital and hardcopy formats.

What are they saying about Skull Throne Inheritor.

“the EP is a frightening but intensely memorable combination of raging violence, tumultuous upheaval, absolutely harrowing (but intelligible) vocals of utmost savagery, and sweeping waves of melody that are grim and grand, heartless and heart-breaking. At times there’s a “pagan/folk” influence that emerges in the rhythms and the melodies, but there’s equally a feeling of towering, ominous grandeur.” – No Clean Singing

“Bourn Ultra make history as the first ever two time demo of the week (Skull Throne Inheritor ep and Aforetime Masters full length) featured on Into The Necrosphere pod cast.” – Into The Necrosphere

“Dark interdimensional amplified heaviness from the blackest corners of space and time.” – The 5150 Blog

“I think this is an amazing release that any fan of blackened death metal needs to hear immediately. This ep has some great riffs and very memorable moments. Listen to this release if you haven’t already, it’s amazing.“ – Fleshripper Magazine

“The die has been cast… a total triumph of original death/black music. Skull Throne Inheritor is a proper successor to their prior release, the full length Aforetime Masters. Can’t wait to hear where this takes them.” – Bulldozer Magazine


Bourn Ultra is a Los Angeles death/black metal band who worship at the altar of sonic titans. Their name invokes the Great Cosmic Journey, hinting at how they call upon the cosmic, insidious, and blackened atmospheres of Lovecraftian lore. Having morphed into a three piece after beginning as a solo project, the band has evolved into a potent live force. Their work has been praised for fusing the influence of classic black metal acts like Bathory and Immortal by means of themes of cosmic horror while evoking blasphemous crawling things.

In 2018 band had released their debut full length, Aforetime Masters, the first war cry from a band who sought to light a fire within the Southern Californian death/black metal scene. It was a record hell bent on disregarding the universe as understood by Earthen souls and emphasizing their goal of con- juring thee supreme cosmic entity and powers forbidden. It was a fitting first triumph for these lifelong adherents to the underground.

Now in 2021, the band has release a thrilling new EP, Skull Throne Inheritor. The new ep contains five new titles that take the listener through countless eons of cosmic awakening through nightmares of live mummification, blasphemous resurrection and destructive Towers of Fire all while they harken the Crouched One to Rise from it’s eternal sleep. They seek to build on past releases and journey towards twisted new gloomed futures. It all feeds to a goal of taking on the world one spell of horror at a time. This is true death/black metal stripped back to it’s most wonderfully twisted dark form. Bourn Ultra now seek a record label to help the band move forward

Below: Video for Inheritor from the ep Skull Throne Inheritor———————————-


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