Bourn Ultra
, from Los Angeles, CA U.S.A., began it’s existence in 2012 as a one man studio project bringing to bare a simple and insidious short song formula of Blackened Atmospheric Death Metal. Bourn Ultra draws inspiration from Lovecraftian horror and employs a disregard of the universe as understood by Earthen souls with an emphasis on evoking thee supreme cosmic entity and powers forbidden. 
Musically the band has evolved since it’s creation in 2012 but still consider Bathory, Immortal and many 80’s theatrical metal acts as influences. (Influence does not equal imitation)



In 2014 JS asked drummer D-Muerte for help in putting out the first recording. It would be recorded in a quick fashion and released as the project’s first demo. Set backs and procrastination delayed the release.
In 2018 the recording was released in CD format simply titled “Demo 2014” for posterity. By this time Bourn Ultra was working with drummer Morbus Shores. Twelve songs were finalized and they began to prepared for the first official Bourn Ultra recording. The band entered The Dungeon Recording Studio in 2017.



During a conversation JS and Morbus Shores decided to make Bourn Ultra a live band and step away from being a studio project. The initial thought was to stay a two piece band but later it was decided that a bass player would be brought in. In 2017 Tom Sly joined on bass and the band started rehearsing for live shows. In March 2018 Bourn Ultra played it’s first show and is now set to release “Aforetime Master” the bands first official recording scheduled to be unleashed Oct. 26th, 2018 under the bands imprint Quadrivium Productions. Bourn Ultra is: JS vocals/guitar, Morbus Shores drums, Tom Sly Bass